August 1, 2008
By Tejas Ranade Ranade, Redmond, WA

Truly, if you were but a hobby of the porous mind
Not an obsession possessing man’s soul
Would childish, inquisitive humanity, the young,
Lose that divine spark in it creating its whole?

The most curious beings in worlds real and of mind
Cannot match your strange charm for us
And if they disbelieve, they rightly do so
That there is no greater lure than thus.

Would you not motivate us, ignite our wonder,
Prod us to reach into the deep and the dark
If we had not our curiosity, creator and the killer
Which illuminates our eyes and leaves unquenched a mark?

Guide us to destiny but keep us every wary
Of trailing you blindly and with reckless ambition.
Mystery, you could be a wondrous blessing
Or the greatest danger of mankind, and conviction.

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