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October 18, 2012
You want to be an actress
And have lots of fancy clothes,
To wear red feather boas
With glitter polish on your toes.

You want to be an actress
So bad you can almost see
Yourself in all the movies
And your fans you’ll always please.

You want to be an actress
And wear a funny mask
So no one knows just who you are
And they will have to ask

“Oh Actress, oh Actress?
Just who are you today?
You’re so two faced it’s hard for me
To tell just which part you’ll play!”

“Oh Fan, oh Fan,
Oh Fan you couldn’t tell,
That being so two faced like this
Is why I act so well!”

Two faces can be important
to acting, can’t you see?
I guess you’re closer than you thought
To being that actress you want to be.

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