October 9, 2012
By Anonymous

It was a cold morning during winter break.
My sister and I were just getting used to the cold Michigan snow after the fall weather.
The ground was covered in a foot of snow
and the tree branches were hanging low because the snow was so heavy.
The roof line was covered in sparkled icicles from the sun shining down.
The ones that had already been there from the previous snowfall had just grown
longer and longer as if they were Pinocchio’s nose.
They were so pretty and they sparkled in the warm sun

Our dad was in the back yard getting a fresh load of firewood to heat the house.
In a way I think my dad liked getting firewood for the winter, he was always out by our woodshed looking at the wood, admiring his hard work of cutting and stacking it.
My dog was in the back of our yard watching my dad and was trotting to the house to come inside to get warmed up by the hot wood stove.

The house was filled with the scent of apple cinnamon from the coolly lit candle.
Each room was filled with Christmas Decorations from wall to wall, Christmas lights, red and green window stickers and stuffed Santa Clauses.
And the Christmas tree was filled with little ornaments my sister and I made when we were little, gingerbread stars, beaded icicles and painted pine cones.

Our snow pants, winter coats, and insulated gloves were hung by the wood stove to dry from the previous day in the snow.
Our boots were lined up in a row, up against a wall to dry.
My sister and I stepped into our snow pants, grabbed our coats off the hooks, and got our gloves.
We put our feet in our boots and headed outside to make snowmen.

After two hours of making snowmen and snow angels are toes and fingers were frozen and we decided to go inside

Our mom made us a cup of hot chocolate and we all sat by the wood stove to warm up

I could only wish that a day could end so calm and perfectly again, being with my family.

The author's comments:
I love being with my family and spending time with them. That's what inspired me.

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