Morning Killings

October 3, 2012
By Anonymous

an Egg McMuffin handed to me
from the McDonald’s drive-thru window
with bitterly-sour orange juice
is how i think i will start my morning today
when I feel the satisfyingly warm
ham and eggs slide down my throat,
i start to wonder…
what do assassins eat for breakfast?
i think i know what they drink, at least--
the raining blood of their enemies
perhaps one who does not shudder away
from a life of silent killings and
sinking into shadows
would eat something that could be
both prepared and devoured quickly,
like a charred piece of toast
to hold them over until their
next target crumbled

i guess I really wouldn’t know
what an assassin would feast on
in their morning hours
it’s not as if I jam a hidden blade
into the spinal cord of my unsuspecting victim
no, i actually prefer my mornings
nomming on Reese’s puffs or wonderful smoked bacon
rather than to have someone’s death on
my conscience
but hey, everybody’s different, I suppose
whatever makes your morning happen
is whatever makes your morning happen

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