October 2, 2012
By iamGBOX BRONZE, Highland, California
iamGBOX BRONZE, Highland, California
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People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.

There exists the deepest longing,
in the human heart and soul,
that cries out for a meaning,
for a chance to be made whole.

Separated once we were,
From paradyse of which
we once were parte.
Forever left to drift upon the seas,
Of guilt and sorrowed remorse.

Repulsed from Heaven,
Enslaved to sin,
We chose to trust ourselves.
And now we know,
too late we find,
God beyond our mortal ken.

We walk in misery,
no hope for help,
no chance for our salvation.
We waste the little time we have,
no matter what our nation.

Our wyrd is set,
our course is known,
for Men do truly see,
our Creator waits for us,
Justice itself enthroned,
with repayment for each deed!

O, woe art man,
we chose to take,
rebellion over love!
We knew not what was given us,
when we cast down our worldly glove.

But soft! Do see,
The king of kings,
 arrives upon the earth!
Behold, he lays down his scepter,
And comes by virgin birth!

All man, all God,
Pure and holy,
How now we are undone!
But, can this be?
He speaks to us,
with gentleness and love!

Look, how he heals the blind and lame,
see him raise the dead!
None but the Lord himself,
has such power,
through the words which He has said!

He calls to us,
to follow Him,
and become again His children.

Oh, bless the day I met Him,
for my soul is given life!
He who gave movement
to my limbs,
has come to save our lives!

But hush,
see now, the Master speaks,
saying one shall soon betray Him,
And the rest of us shall fall away,
and watch as others flay him!

Never Lord!
We cry to Him,
We will stand beside Him!
Then in God in flesh,
My new-found friend,
says again,
 we will not stay,
and one will soon betray Him.

We walked with Him,
as He went to pray.
He told us to keep watch with Him,
but we fell asleep,
where we lay.

He scolded us when He returned,
and then went back to pray.
Alas, we fell asleep again,
and He woke us before the sun that day.

A party of invaders,
teamed with unbelievers,
came upon us then.
They called upon our Lord,
and then,
wanted to hasten Him away!

Oh, coward soul am I,
to leave His side so easily,
for they took Him to,
an unjust doom,
With me powerless to stop them!

By eventide,
my Lord was slain,
and sorrow gripped me deeply.

For not only had we lost our friend,
but our fate had settled in again,
Despairing and hopeless were we.

Three days, in fear,
We watched in terror,
Lest we reach our fate as He.

Unhappy men,
We'd lost our faith,
For our salvation had been slain.

But hush!
The women run to us,
From visiting the tomb,
Disregarding safety,
In our upper room.

What news is this,
What cause for alarm,
But they say He has arisen!

Two men of light,
Angels bright,
Had crushed out every gloom.

To the tomb of my beloved teacher
Did I run with haste and hope,
Could he be arisen, and beaten death,
 To now restore our souls?

Lo! The grave is empty,
The Lord has left the tomb,
No more a corpse, still flesh and blood,
But in renewed body evermore!

My face is lifted up,
For Christ has left the grave!
Our redeemer lives,
New life He gives,
I praise his name forever!

Many things He does with us,
But the greatest was His gift,
Man has hope of life unending,
With the One who loves us most!

Father God, I thank you for your Son,
And Jesus for your life,
I am grateful with all I am,
To give my own to you.

Though toil and trouble may still follow,
I know I'm not alone,
My God,
My Friend,
My Savior,
Will never leave me alone.

We look forward to Your return, O Lord,
With anticipation we wait.
But until You come, we speak of You,
So more may join in waiting.

Revive me O God; fill me with your presence. Drive away all of my iniquities. Save me from the pits of Sheol. Renew and reclaim me O Lord. Fill me with your overtaking purity; make me clean. I praise your name. I praise you for your forgiveness. Thank you, O great Deliverer!

My creator has reached down from heaven and saved me from separation from him, and I can glorify Him forever and always! He has given this world into our care, and it is filled with wonder, even though it is fallen. What incredible gifts God has given me! I praise His name!

Our longing has been filled.
We have been made whole.

The author's comments:
This is a poem that I wrote for Easter, when I was considering the human condition and the incredible gift of salvation through Christ Jesus. May the providence of God rain blessings upon your life.

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