What We Can't Have

September 30, 2012
By , Landenberg, PA
This smile you see
This isn't really me

I have worked so hard and so long
To keep this facade that I'm really headstrong

That nothing can hurt me, and I am invincible
But obviously you are just too convincible

Deep inside, I am not always a ball of sunshine
But I keep it inside so that these feelings are all mine

My smile is beautiful, and my eyes smile too
But how can you be sure that this smile is really true?

I have been gotten lost along the path, couldn't find my way
But now I've found you, and you tell me you can't stay

People always seem to want what they can't have
But no one ever said it would hurt me this bad.

I can't change your mind, or tell you how I feel
But here you go, my heart is yours to steal.

I haven't realized it too late, like most other girls
But rather too early because you are still hers.

You seem so happy when you talk about her
I just want that happiness too. Of that I'm sure.

Why do you have to be hers, why don't you understand
That I could be here for you as more than a friend?

It doesn't even cross your mind, but instead it runs through mine
All I want to do is be yours, and then I'll be fine.

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