loud silence (thinking)

September 28, 2012
By bloodysouls GOLD, Nevada, Other
bloodysouls GOLD, Nevada, Other
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I look in the mirror and try
Try so hard not to cry
My reflection burns my eyes
And tears start falling, uncontrolling
Why does it hurt inside?
Why? Can't I forget, why can't I hide
I see her picture flash through my mind
I can't be her, my reflection makes me blind
And I lay down at night
Begging god why !
He put me in this body
A prison where I die
Lock me in a shell of grey
The key, he threw away

I see him
I see her
But I'm not sure what I see
My tears are blurring everything
I see him, he's so in love
Like we use to be
But no he's not in love with me,
It's her
All her
She holds his heart in her pretty lil hands
she holds him, so captivating
That's all he's thinking
He's always day dreaming
And our love that use to be
Vanished in a mystery
Left pain inside me, a magic trick indeed
I ask myself why
As I lay here and die
Watching as I bleed
Memories come back to me
He use to be so in love with imperfection, till he met someone so addicting

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