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September 25, 2012
By Mason Deily BRONZE, Grass Valley, California
Mason Deily BRONZE, Grass Valley, California
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Gun fire off in the distance and past the farm,
the soldiers come closer and say they mean you no harm,
not believing them you go back to your house,
looking through the window and talking to your spouse,
she says "what do they want, why are they here?!"
he responds to her "i dont know....get me a beer"
she gets him a beer as she pull him to the door
"i dont like them, i dont want them here anymore..."
she said as she looks outside
"im working on it, now go and hide"
as he walks to his trunk and opens it wide
puts his revolver in the holster and walks outside
"what are you men looking for?"
as he walks to the barn door
he opens it up to see the barn is destroyed,
looks at the soldiers walking away annoyed,
he pulls out his revolver and shoots the soldiers knees
walks up and takes their keys
as for what the keys are for, the man doesnt know,
but its obvious, him and his wife....gotta go..(to be continued)

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