The Truth

September 21, 2012
By koyote BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
koyote BRONZE, Salem, Oregon
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Stop and smell the roses even if their dead. Enjoy your life before you put the bulet in your head.

I wanted to tell you the truth,
but just kept telling lies.
Why did I tell you I wanted to be together forever,
When in each others arms where I wanted to die.
I told you so many promises,
but how many of them can I keep?
I wanted to make you happy
but all I ever did was make you weep.
The problem was not you,
but that we feel in love too deep.
We got stuck in the spider's web
and got lost in what was said.
Too many times "I love you" was spoken,
but neither of us was woken.
Lost somewhere beyond our dreams,
The last time I seen you was forever it seems.
Was any of what we had real
or was it an illusion what I did feel?
Did my heart really shatter,
or to you I no longer matter?
You stuck with me through thick and thin,
and even then you didnt win.
You didn't care who I was
or every other damn word I cussed.
I left you all alone.
I thought I didn't care when I stranded you on your own.
I told you to move on to another guy,
but when I heard you was with him, I wanted him to fry.
I tried to move on to another girl,
but when I kissed her I realized you're still my world.
Now were only strangers in each other's eyes.
Every time I see your face I want to cry.
So go be happy with your friends,
but keep in mind I'll love you till my end.
My heart is broken in two pieces, one for me, one for you.
The day I left you I will always rue.
The days still go on,
but I keep to the nights where I belong.
I get butterflies in my stomach when I see your face.
My heart feels like it's going to explode because it starts to race.
I hope to all that is dear to me, that one day I'll get another chance,
but we all know that I cant.
So I leave you with my final good-bye.
Before I go to hell or go up in the sky. 
I even prayed for you with a reverend,
but he told me I can't have you, not even in Heaven.
Together for almost years.
When I think back to it I start to see tears.
I resent myself because of that day.
Nothing can be fixed with a word I say.
I left you on your knees.
I was blinded but now I can see.
I'm sorry for all of the pain.
To leave you I truly must have been insane.
Now I'm the one left in the cold,
I know me leaving an coming back again gets old.
We dont even say a word to each other,
but I still wish the best for you and your future lover.
so now I give my ado,
please remember that I'll always love you. 

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