Lessons on Drowning

September 16, 2012
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The message sent in that green bottle told me that what will happen will happen
The message that came back in that broke bottle was clear but all the evidence was always there
The risks we take aren’t so much risks but faulty mistakes
The rumbling sea calls out to me
The release of anger along with frustration brings us to this tsunami of appreciation
You cannot bare to understand that those are just motions
Nothing is permanent about something that can b e chosen
Remote islands surround me and I’m left with decisions to be made when I’m lonely
To seek paradise or to sneak off to the jungle.
If only hearts were trained to be humbled
Waters rushing above me, thrashing me
I end up in a cave and waves are where I want to be
Drowning seems like the only positive way to breathe
Just before your head explodes you learn things about yourself that you feel too exposed
Smoke and cloud guns and roses al things that oppose us are the cobras
Te bite we will get from the jungle because at the other side awaits the true exhaust of paradise’s peek
Not on the surface on the dawning’s end of drowning reach.

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