Olive Sweetness

September 16, 2012
She's got you
With olive sweetness
On a red hot tongue
With her charcoal lashes
And her sooty lids
With her full and velvet lips,
Berry scars on her wrists
And she's got you, she's got you
And they sing her name
As she struts her stuff
Full black shades
So high
That the tap's full of blood,
She swears,
And she cries, she sobs, she cares
And she's got you, she's got you
Her breath on your skin,
And they all want to kiss that mouth,
Cause they all know where it's been
And she's got you, she's got you
She knows how to rock you
Rum dripping down her neck,
What a f***ing wreck they say-
And when she comes beggin'
Voice soft on the phone
Sayin, hun, don't let them get me,
Don't leave me here alone
How could I refuse
I'm only here to lose
So I say,
Sweet thing don't worry,
I don't want to be boring
Let's walk that hot sweet street
Let's make this story wild
Let's bring them to their feet.

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