Goodbye boyfriend

July 31, 2008
By amanda Chittenden-Blevins, Branchland, WV

You’re someone special to me,
And one I’ll never forget.
From the last time we talk,
To the first time we met.
I need to thank you,
For caring how much I hurt.
I guess it wasn’t meant to be,
And we just didn’t work.
You were the best thing,
And now your gone.
I’m left here in my tears,
To drown alone.
I should have knew,
just a little better,
Why did I believe in the word “forever.”
I’ve learned so many things,
From the experiences we’ve been through.
The hardest lesson will yet to be,
How to “unloved” you.
I’m learning not to fall so hard,
Not to fall in love so fast.
Because as quickly as it comes to be,
It can quickly be your past.
You were so different,
Because you actually cared.
Now your words end with ‘ed’
Because its no longer what we share, its what we shared.
I need to gather up my courage,
I know you’ll get discouraged.
But for reasons you should,
Obviously you can’t love the way I could.
I still need to see your face,
But I don’t wanna hear about her.
I don’t want to feel this pain my love for you has given me.
What I want is for you to know,
That nobody will love you the way I love you.
Nobody will ever feel,
The way I feel with you.
You held me in your arms and said that you “loved me.”
And that you would never leave.
Well you did…
And now in love I no longer believe.
Your all I ever wanted,
And still all I need.
Friends who know me well,.
Should know I’m hurt indeed.
What am I suppose to do,
I cant move on?
I don’t wan t you to go,
But well your already gone.
I still appreciate,
You caring how I feel.
You shouldn’t do that,
Its not a big deal.
I don’t know what tomorrow brings,
I may even hurt more.
I’m taking back the key to my heart now,
And forever locking the door.
You need to know,
I’m not mad.
Just hurt so deeply,
It feels like you took all I ever had.
No matter what I feel,
I want you to be happy.
Don’t feel bad for leaving,
And don’t feel guilty.
I wouldn’t want you to stay,
If you think you can do better.
I wont let my self love again,
I mean EVER.
I don’t want you feeling bad,
Just because I do.
At least you had the best of intentions,
And wasn’t only thinking of you.
I will lay awake at night,
And cry my self to sleep.
I have to take my broken heart back now,
Its something I cant allow you to keep.
In time It may heal,
But its something I doubt.
I’ve been hurt so many times,
I should of lost count.
Don’t feel sorry for me,
Just because my heart is broken.
I cant believe this is true,
We’re really not joking.
I guess this is really over,
This is the end.
I will keep my memories close,
Good bye boyfriend.

The author's comments:
My name is Amanda Chittenden-Blevins, i am 18. I wrote this peom awhile back but it has alot of meaning. I hope others that read enjoy it as i enjoy writing poetry.

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