Through My Door

September 11, 2012
By SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
SapphireLamour DIAMOND, Omaha, Nebraska
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My feet leave the cold wood floor
As I enter a new world through my door.

Exiting the din
I take it all in:

The smell of the earth and the cool night air,
The twinkle of the stars and the fireflies flare,

The beautiful boy in the bonfire’s glare,
The Lady Lark’s lullaby lilting with lack of care,

The familiar faces of flowers fair,
The glittering glory of the spider’s lair,

The brazen bluebirds beginning to take flight,
The sparkling lake beneath the moonlight,

The simple silence of the setting of the sun,
The carefree feeling from a day’s work well done,

The righteous radiance of the sun’s last ray,
The dusk’s doomed defiance of the end of the day,

The darkness’ damned and silent but daring decree,
The whisper of the winds within the willow trees,

The violets’ violently vibrant shades,
The perfection with which all this beauty is arrayed.

All this glory gives me peace
And hope it will last until I decease.

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