Who Are You?

September 8, 2012
By Anonymous

Throughout the course of life everyone changes, everyone is molded into who they are, who they were "meant" to be. Behind each design, each crack, each flaw lies a story, a story not everyone wants to know and certainly a story most don't want to share. Everyone has history, everyone has a past, everyone has a shadow following them ever so discretely. Because of that shadow, whether you are scared of it or not, it made everyone who they are. However were these changes for better or worse?

A lot of people try to hide the past, or just runaway from it. Really by doing so they are just prolonging their own pain; increasing it in some cases. To be honest I am one of those people, I know that I am. I know that running is making it worse but it seems better than facing the truth. It seems better than looking in the mirror and telling little 3 year old me, that I failed. That I don't become the pop star I dreamed to be. That I am no longer singing or writing songs. To look at my inner child and tell her I lost my voice seems more painful than running. Sadly I am out of breathe and out of time. I can't run anymore.

So this is my way of facing her, facing me. Going back confronting the things that impacted this change. I am looking back on my pain and on my happiness, hopefully somewhere along the way I will find my voice again. I will find myself and be free from my past, be able to plan for new beginning and new opportunities.

If you are running like I am, I suggest you do the same. Take a long look in the mirror and make sure that it's not a stranger staring back at you. To anyone reading this, you owe it to yourself to be free, free from pain and suffering. They say "time heals all wounds" but they are wrong. The only thing that can heal your wounds is you. You and you alone. I hope that one day soon I will be the person I want to be. I hope to make who I am now another memory in my past.

The author's comments:
My mothers recent pacing inspired this piece. It made me look at who I am and I came to be that. It help me open my eyes and I hope it does the same to anyone reading it. I hope everyone can find their voice.

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