Dew of Deception

July 30, 2008
By Eliza Rooney, Louisburg, KS

Raining hard with scorn
Dousing my body with hatrid and disgust
Watching the red light drive away
Along with my fragile heart
In total dispare, my mind apart
Dazed and so confused
Just repeated our old I love you, I love you too's
The new hurts, it hurts so bad
Stabbing my heart, like a boy driven mad
trying to erase; despertately recalling our last embrace
Memories flooding my mind, drowning our shrine
Created so much, but now just dust
Being cleaned away, never to stay
Having had rotten petals thrown upon my credulous face
Possessions, retured, stings my hand like fire
Burns hot from false desire
Breathing hard, faltered, and chest feeling retired
Dew falling fom the eye on already sodden grass
Shattering like icy saphires of glass
Don't look back, the guiles won't last
Forget the reoccuring past

The author's comments:
My works are all about love and decieving and just the word love in general. I'm a 15 year old teen and are one of the pretty girls in high school that get hurt a lot and find themselves in love often. If i didn't have these incidents I wouldn't have the fuel to write so many poems. In a way sometimes I don't mind getting hurt or being in love for a while, because then I have something to write about.

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