Petals in the Sand

August 12, 2012
By kp2842 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
kp2842 BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Today I passed a dozen rose petals,
Scattered about on the sandy shore by the sea,
As a cool summer breeze glided over their velvet tresses,
Beckoning for me to see.
Their crimson and rosy hues danced,
Upon the soft gritty sand.
As I found myself kneeling down,
To gather them gently in my hand.
I brought them to my face for a closer view,
They held my gaze in curious wonder,
As to why these delicate petals were left,
The remnants of a beauteous rose now asunder.
Each petal was decorated with a different color,
A new vein of life whisking through,
To color the petal a distinctive shade,
A simple splendor to see through.
These little petals coated with a glossy charm,
Are a lens to look through and see,
Their guiding knowledge,
Is what led you to me.
So as I walk to down this beach and see these roses pass,
I do not wonder how or why they are here,
I simply smile and look up from their exquisiteness,
To see you standing, with all your love, so near.

The author's comments:
I spent the day at the beach with my family, when I actually stumbled on some rose petals on the sand. I found this occurance to be strange and upon further pondering, quite poetic. I thought about how life is a rose and each experience is a petal that deepens the beauty of the rose. However sometimes, the fallen petals, experiences, are what lead us to the people who can truly appreciate them. The meaning: our experiences are what lead us to the people who can truly love us for them.

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