A Night at the Gala

August 12, 2012
A tweak of a bow tie
A tug on the cuffs
A shrug of a peacoat
A swipe of the brush

In front of a mirror
A quick spritz of cologne
He steps into the night
To the gala alone

Strolling the pavement
Under the stars
Over the bridge
Past speeding cars

Through ornate gates
And mahogany doors
A sweep past the crowd
Across marble floors

He turns down a hallway
Hung with carpet and glass
To duck under a rope
And emerge to the mass

A curt cough of the throat
And the chatter dies down
Gives way to his music
On his face a slight frown

As he loses himself
In the sway of the notes
A smooth draw of the bow
And away his mind floats

To grand pillared theaters
And Carnegie Hall
Delivering his best
His essence, his all

Fingers dance nimbly
Waltzing up and down strings
Matching the people
Wearing crystalline rings

But alas, it must end
Final notes fade to silence
Melting into applause
Dashing away all his shyness

He bows from the waist
Accepting the praise
The picture of suave?
Heart and soul set ablaze

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RosemaryDarvill said...
Sept. 13, 2012 at 1:31 am
Author here. I don't know why, but teenink keeps inserting random question marks where I don't actually put them when I submit the poem. So in the last stanza, that question mark should not be there.
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