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The Wall

August 6, 2012
By Fender.girl1993 SILVER, Morgantown, West Virginia
Fender.girl1993 SILVER, Morgantown, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain" ~ Emily Dickinson

There is a wall.
That's sometimes physical, sometimes not,
but too strong to be left to forgot.
It's separating races, separating lines,
separating faces, separating lives.
Solemn, tall, dark and strong,
as real as the love of our God.
There is a wall.

There is a wall.
Come join the massive invitation,
to ruin our own generation.
A line invisible, drawn between,
brothers and sisters, strong is the unseen.
As separating the east from the west,
it separates some from the rest.
Built brick by brick,
clock tick by clock tick.
With bricks that build high watch-towers,
clock ticks that make up the hour.
There is a wall.

There is a wall.
Of bricks of little jests and jeers,
mean stares and cold-shouldered sneers.
Silent backstabs, stand-offs,
muffled jokes and quiet scoffs.
It's not the wars that damage more,
but broken spirits that no longer soar.
The wall is strong and firm and fast,
and draws a line that's made to last.
Between the one with a broken heart,
and the one who shatters it into parts.
There is a wall.

There is a wall.
A wall with two divided sides,
of those who hurt and those who hide.
And on the side of those who hide,
they go on leading normal lives.
While no one guesses they just might,
torture themselves every night.
They lay awake and wonder why,
they're different on the outside.
There is a wall.

There is a wall.
While on the other side are those,
who choose to hurt others the most.
Often those on the victim side,
cross over from only pain in their lives.
They were once bullied before,
and now spread the pain some more.
Because eye for eye and tooth for tooth,
is the easy way on life to look.
They lack the conviction and the strength,
to really make the world change.
There is a wall.

There is a wall.
A silent divider, quiet knife,
That sharpens the differences in our lives.
It stands out in a crowded place,
when we won’t see each other’s face.
We’re too scared and full of pain,
to ever really try to change.
Or even stand and gaze upon,
what ever really is the Wall.
It’s stood forever a dividing line,
and may until the end of time.
But though it’s still firm in the ground,
it’s possible to be torn down.
It doesn’t, and never's, had to be,
if only we would truly see.
Together we can tear it down,
brick by brick down to the ground.
It's slowly chiseled away by,
friendly smiles from passer-bys.
Kept promises, true friends,
those who give and forgive.
There is a wall.

There is a wall.
Whose name is Hate,
Anger, Malice, and Pain.
But that wall can be torn down,
Trampled to dust upon the ground,
by Love.

The author's comments:
The refrain in this poem just hit me one day while sitting in class, watching a common bully cruelly teasing a common victim.
There is a wall.
It's really quite sad how little love their is in the world today, it sometimes seems. No, I don't mean mushy gushy puppy-love. I mean sacrifice, trust, hope, for others instead of killing their spirit.
I pray that someday we can tear down the Wall.

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