Tropic of Cancer

August 6, 2012
Sounds of untamed jungles that pulse, drum, and coalesce.
Sparkling sun rays shine, as they flicker and fluoresce.
Through pristine droplets, an emerald canopy
of leaves whereupon soothing rain can express.

The gentle lulling of the forest, its energy,
from within a chaotic floral-esque scenery.
Chants to the morning sun, a wise and ancient bird,
with color spectrum of the Earth's affinity.

As the sun rises from behind the mountain, stirred
awake with feathers of prismatic hues. Unheard
while extending its wings of grandeur and finesse.
Flora fills the air with fragrance, lost people recurred

from their hidden pathways, tarnished lungs convalesce
by rhythmic heartbeats of the forgotten noblesse.

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MisshannibalKat said...
Nov. 1, 2012 at 11:02 pm
Stunning imagery, Victor! I felt as though I could gaze upward to find the canopy awaiting my notice.
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