July 29, 2012
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They say that home is where the heart is. 
I believe that maybe so. 
Some think that home is were you were born. 
And others think that home is no matter where you go. 
We all have our own definitions of what a home should be. 
It's usually a place were people can be themselves, be open and be free. 

Sometimes home can be hard to find. 
Sometimes it can be filled with people who are so unkind. 
Most of us end up looking around, for a place we can call home. 
But even then, theres still a chance that we might feel alone. 
We should count ourselves lucky, those who have found that place. 
For others are still looking, with uncertainty bared upon their face. 

Some homes stay the same, for many many years. 
Some homes get torn down and end up causing millions of tears. 
Some homes can even be changed or rearranged.
Some homes have stories behind them
And can make others feel rather....deranged. 

I love how a home is used for a number of things. 
Just imagine how much emotion, one home alone can bring. 
When one searches for a home, they usually look at appearance more than value. 
When they have not found what they are looking for, they move on and continue. 

However the word "home", is a complicated thing to explain. 
How you see it, is how you see it
no matter what it may or may not contain. 

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