The Things I Hide

July 30, 2008
By Anna Montoya, St. Cloud, FL

My life is a barren wasteland
empowering my every being
desolate and empty
I am all alone
No one can hear me yelling
or crying myself to sleep at night
seeking for a way to release my strife.
A dark cloud encompasses my surroundings
blocking out the light
leaving me lost and in a state of blindness whose hold on me is tight
The world rushes right on by me
failing to see the grief which I hold
With each failed attempt to escape my sorrows
I find myself standing right where I had begun
Its just a pointless journey
my fates a grizzly one
Disheveled thoughts of anguish fill my mind
erasing all common sense
The weight which I have been carrying grows even heavier yet
And just as I lived my life,
Lonely and Coldly,
that way I shall surely come to pass,
No one will ever remember the girl
who had hid behind a fake smile.

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