My Pain

July 29, 2008
My pain

Only you did the damage
Took only my heart and soul
Without you I can’t see life
As I only wanted you and no one else
Showed me what was right
Not one day where I see you
I feel the need to tell you
That I never stopped loving you
I can’t stop thinking you
The scent that catches me
Only you showed me
What was the meaning of love
But I won’t give up
I’ll keep trying till I have no more life
Only you did the damage
You took my heart and soul
It is you I want and you never found out
Only you did the damage
You never gave me chance to say
I love you, I want you by my side and
There is no one like you
Your smile tells it all
But one thing you have is a great heart
Only you did the damage
Because you never tried…

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