Where Was?

July 29, 2008
By Danielle Harrison, Columbus, NC

Where was God, when I needed a friend?
Where was God, when I came to an end?
Where was God, when I lost my mind?
Where was God, when I couldn't find?
don't want to be up or down
Where was love, when I felt like hate?
Where was hate, when I felt like love?
Where were you, when you said you'd be there?
Where was the fear when I said I was scared?
Tell me what you believe, I'll tell you what you should see. Ceause I don't know who to trust. My heart is filled with disgust. I can't take this ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention? Are you ready for the joke? Are you ready for the great deception?

The author's comments:
This poem was written back in 2003. It was around the time my father and me were not getting along. With that he kicked me out. I had made such a good friend named Stephanie Weber. She is like my big sister she is my everything. Stephanie even calls me her little sister. My last day of school she mentioned the fact that I said I would always be there for her. When she told me that I broke down inside and out came this poem.

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