My Room

July 29, 2008
By Justine Keener, Dover, PA

My Room
I live in my room.
Away from the yelling, Away from the screaming.
It’s my place where I feel safe and peaceful.
Sometime, I go to sleep and let my anger and fear fade away.
Sometimes, I go to listen to my music as well as my thoughts.
I live in my room.
To take a break from life’s troubles and hardships.
Maybe it’s my place to hide my tears.
Maybe it’s my one place that keeps me from going insane.
I live in my room
Some say it’s a place to do homework.
Others say it’s a place to store clothes.
But to me.
It’s my place of protection from the world, right outside my door.
So I pray that someday I’ll grow up.
And be too old to fight these stupid “teenage battles”.
And fight easier ones instead.
But for now, I live in my room.
Praying and hoping this will all end soon.

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