July 9, 2012
By sharkie GOLD, Singapore, Other
sharkie GOLD, Singapore, Other
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"That was his mistake right there. Writers aren't supposed to be vulnerably bare and ardently honest; we're supposed to be ironic, offhand, self-deprecating, deflectingly clever, stingingly derisive, and act as if we're all in this apart."

did you have anything else to say? she asked
I said no, but oh I did
I wanted to tell her of the love I had
the way she made me laugh then made me sad
how I spent my time in front of a screen
ogling her pictures like a groveling teen
how last evening we danced in the moonlight
fed the swans and kissed all night
how she made my heart sing and burst at its seam
and how I kept my eyes closed to cling to that dream

I wanted to tell her of the joy she brought
but it came out as dot dot dot
I said no, and that is all
she said she’ll return next fall
maybe in my sleep we'll unite again
as I wait and wait till then...

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