The Cherry Blossoms of Unforgotten Love

July 28, 2008
By Alicia McCullough, Aurora, CO

As the wind blows by, cherry blossoms fall,
I sit at my window sill bench and wait,
Wait for you to return from battle.
Sitting at my window with my knees up to my lips,
And my hands over my bare feet in waiting,
I remember how your lips touched my own,
Your warmth always feilt so warm to me,
And when we were together,
You told me to wait for you.
Finally that day has come,
The battle is f=done,
All the men who left have come back.
I wait for you under the cherry blossom tree,
Where we first met.
In the distance I see you,
Running toward me with open arms,
Even with the wounds from battle,
You still had the strength to spin me around in your arms.
As we sat at my window you held me so tight,
Like you never wanted to let me go,
And whispered so softly -
"i'll always be here to hold you,I promise."

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