night before finals

May 24, 2012
T’was the night before finals, and I just couldn’t sleep
I wanted to be prepared, because whatever you sow you shall surely reap

I had my books all over the floor
I could barely get through the door

Tossing and turning with discomfort
But I had more work which needed effort

While I felt like I was about to catch a fever
My sister was watching music videos and feeling like a diva
That made me pretty mad
And I wanted to hit her bad

Looking outside the window, I realized it was dark
This made me surprised, that lady was walking to the park
I couldn’t afford to be distracted
So I went back to my books and concentrated

I wanted to review my easy classes first so I started with Sociology
But the attitude of a man in the article quickly made my diagnose him with a personality disorder I learnt in psychology
That went well until I started to review Math
I started sweating so much; I wanted to take a bath

I was getting exhausted and so was my brain
I wanted to go outside and cool off in the rain
I was scared; I didn’t want morning to come
My head was starting to ache, so I threw away the piece of gum

My sister screamed, “Look at him, he likes the fame”
She was talking about a celebrity; I can’t remember his name
I had to research something on Google
But I really wanted a bowl of noodles

I was fairly prepared by morning
Clearly I didn’t have enough sleep I’m even yawning
Hopefully my hard work pays off
Or I’ll take the head of my sister’s doll off.

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