I Can Not Live Without My Sisters

July 29, 2008
By Kendra Nerad, Saint Ansgar, IA

I just can't live without my sisters
Sometimes they bug me
Sometimes they hug me
Before we would play
Today we have our own ways
I will always have big sisters
I always have to LOVE and listen to them
Although sometimes I wish I was an only child
I don't know what I would do without my sisters
Having sisters means I will always have a friend
As I look back on memories of my life
I remember my sisters and all the times we had together
As I look up to my older sisters
I wish they were just like me but that won't matter
If they are with me
Through good times and bad
We will always stick together
I love my sisters dearly and
I could not see my life without them
I just wish one was with me
But she will always be with me in my haert if I please
Now please let me be alone with my sisters
With the wind blowing throw the trees and the nice cold breeze
But I will always know that my sister Jenna
And my sister April
Will always love me through the Heavens and the earth
And be near my side forever and ever in my heart
And in the lands and I will always LOVE them.

The author's comments:
What really inspired me to write the piece that I did, is because in 2005 one of my sisters had pasted away, and I found out how hard it is to live with out my sisters... I know I am probly not the only one in the same situation as me, and I huess I really liked poetry and thought that I should make my hard experience part of my poetry life, just as it is part of my entire life!

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