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July 3, 2012
By Perfectweapon SILVER, Barrie, Other
Perfectweapon SILVER, Barrie, Other
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"Nothing excists, beyond what you percive."

Destined to kill...Born to protect...Raised to hate. This boy cannot elaborate. He longs for answers but seeks no rest. This boy, poor boy, so depressed. Going to school, doing his work, feeling nothing...No pain, no emotion of any kind. The one thing he wants...Craves...Is vengeance. Every morning, we would awaken and insert one more gash into his wrist. For he is alone, forbidden from bliss. Removing all, to whom stands in his way. He longs to kill, every day. Refusing to sleep, looked in his basement, with lifting weights, he is knee deep. For his duties, no one could be a fitting replacement. He sees a computer, logs on to face book. He talks to a girl, and thus his heart was took. Ask to a dance, he attends dressed in black. Thinking of vengeance, he flees to the back. Sitting on a bench, contemplating every move. Every drop of blood he was to spill...Every soul he was to save. But in his mind, he had reached a problem. He was born to protect the ones he loved...For you see, he had loved no one. Just has he thought this, the same girl came to the back, took his hand, and filled him with bliss. Lead him to the dance floor, knowing he had never danced before, putting her arms over around his neck, he felt so at peace, and he wasn't a wreck. Putting his hands on her waste, the sweet aroma she gave, he could taste. And danced they did, thus changing his views. Making him see, that love is a fuse. Hot, and always on the move. can be any length, but always ending in the same result...With a bang. Some bangs are happy, some are sad. But could tell that there's, was going to be, a worthy bang, that made him happy. A feeling she gave him, happiness and glee. He was so bloody happy, happier then he was ever to be, With vengeance rotting his mind...Though that old thought was a forgotten memory. A new thought had came, and this he could see. She was his light, and he, her perfect soul mate. They shared a bond, that know one could separate. He had a love, someone to protect. He had a girl, to whom he could connect. The moral of all my poetry, is helping the minds of others have the capability to see, that though you're life, is lonely, and filled with fear and fright...There is always someone to carry you into the light.

The author's comments:
My Inspiration, like always, Is Renee.

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