The Luckiest

July 28, 2008
By Alyssa Pederson, Onalaska, WI

Hearts overflowing with love,
Sweetly beating innocence—
When did they become poisoned?
Cut, battered, and bruised.
Some freshly healed over time,
Soon to be open wounds once again
By those the same as you.
Those who like you,
Drown in shallow water.
I must admit, it pleases me
To watch you as you drown,
For you deserve every drop of water
To overcome the barrier of locked lips
Suffocating your struggling breaths—
The both of you.
Hold onto each other desperately—
You know it’s all you both have left
Lonely and lonelier—
A perfectly pathetic combination.
Share one last kiss of deception,
So I can show you my face
In midst of witnessing your betrayal.
Though you scream in your defense
For you say you broke away in time—
In time for you to satisfy your selfishness.
But it still does not make it right—
Doesn’t hurt any less inside my chest.
Though it feeds your satisfaction,
You should know it is just as wrong.
It still doesn’t justify the moment.
But are you happy now,
Now that you have chosen your way?
Do you feel whole for the first time,
After kissing the coldest lips?
Is it fulfilling,
Leaving me with nothing but lies?
Is it beautiful,
Shattering me to pieces?
And did you think you were free,
Leaving me broken all over the floor?
Turns out I’m smarter—
Smarter than you ever gave me credit for
Because I figured you out.
I found the truth behind your fakeness,
And I did it without you.
But did you enjoy yourself,
As you dragged me along behind you?
Yes, you cut me loose soon enough—
Soon enough that I am watching you,
Watching as you tread shallow water
Because you’re going nowhere—
Nowhere but down.
And though it pains me to see
The trouble you’re stirring in the water,
I can say that I am better off
With you gone below the surface.
And though it hurts to know now
The truth behind your fake smiling eyes,
I can say that I am the luckiest,
To not be the lonely soul
Whom you drag down with you.

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