Don’t Close Your Eyes

June 17, 2012
By perrynegro BRONZE, Katy, Texas
perrynegro BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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Fell asleep in the back seat
Didn’t wake as they slammed the brake
The cars momentum didn’t recede,
It twisted and turned like it was on roller skates

The black SUV was to their back
Yet their car was tragically smeared
The SUV was still intact
But the tree, as it seemed, magically appeared

It’s too late now to sober up
The death of fun; the pain is done
Acting without thinking; drugs and drinking
A game that can’t be won

His eyes eventually opened
But he couldn’t see: R.I.P.
More than just a lesson taught
He left the earth
But he really left me
Wounded and so distraught

He died at sixteen
He was my good friend ‘til the end
The memories that weren’t made;
The time we didn’t spend
I wonder if he’d ever miss me

When I think I’m gonna cry
I look upon the sky
And I thank God for giving me Jace
As I go inside I close my eyes
Envisioning his untouched face

The pain, I tried to fight it
There’s really nothing like it
I’m breaking- Why must God test me?
There’s so many more
Jace isn’t the only one who left me

The very first time he held one
The cold cocked gun
Pressed against his head
Because the hate in his heart spread
He pulled out a clip of bullets
But it only took one

His emotions: drained
The drugs clouded his brain
His hands shook
As he gave the world one last look

He pulled out a gun
Just left of his belt buckle
Because of that one bullet
I never had the chance to know my uncle

Half passed eleven his soul left for heaven
But his body still remained
Blood ran down the walls like rain
But still our hearts were more stained

Lives are rearranged as people change
And drugs change you the most
You’re not the same when you’re away
Looking to overdose

When I’m on patrol
You say it’s under control
I don’t know what you’re lying for
These drugs are killing you, hit by hit,
But they’re hurting me even more

All your actions have consequences
You say “ok, that’s a given”
And at the end of the day
The pain may go away
But you’re proud of the life you’re livin’

I fall to my knees
And say, “Lord please”
Before it gets too late
Open his eyes so that he sees
His promising perilous fate

I’ve seen this all before
It’s opening a closed door
And the monster is coming back to see me
The monster I hate
It’s in control of your fate
And all you have to say is “release me”

But your ignorance resists
Even when you’re sober
You’re tiptoeing on the edge of a cliff
And the monster is waiting to push you over

I try, I try, and I try again
But you’re not even burdened by the sin
You pull out your lighter, maintaining your fire
But the ice is running thin

I tell you about my uncle and Jace
But you say you’re neither of those guys
The stories are different
And that may be the case
But in the end the person always dies

But you’re the author
So write your own fate
You can end the story at any time
I just hope that you wait

We have so many places to go
And people to see
But we can’t do it apart
It’s got to be just you and me

We’ll get through this together
Because you’re my brother forever
We have so many plans for the years
And good times are near
But my biggest fear:
Going through all this without you here

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this poem because of the impact drugs has had on people I love.

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