Truth Be Told

July 5, 2012
By Anonymous

The story of his life no one will ever know
His life flashes before him as his mind sits low
He stands in the path of one of his darkest hours
Walking through a packed hall, fingers pointing at him as if he was such a coward
In the deepness of his mind is so much pain
He tries his best to secrete it ; mentally he's insane
Like a lost puppy trying to find his way at rest
Showering his heart with fear, swelling his mind with doubt -tricking a lost soul into being possessed
He sits in the midst of his sins wishing and praying for forgiveness
Praying for strength and the disappearance of his weakness
From his relationship to his family, the devil attacks his soul
His mind full of uncertain thoughts, now his heart is so cold
Searching for a break in need of relaxation
He hopes God answers his prayers, asking for restoration
Too much for a young man to go through
"God will take you through hell just to get you to heaven" -surviving in this world , that phrase is true.

The author's comments:
Not only females have problems, we all go through harsh times in life.

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