June 29, 2012
Why does the moon only come out at night?
Why do ghosts always give people a fright?
How many miles are too far away?
Why does summer vacation never seem to stay?
Why do people cry when their sad?
Why do Monday mornings always seem bad?
How do you know when you’ve found true love?
What really exists beyond the sky above?
Why do good moments never seem to last?
Why are people hung up on the past?
Are there really no two snowflakes that are same?
Why do some authors use a pen name?
What will I do in the future to come?
Will I be rich, famous, or just a street bum?
How much longer will I have til I die?
Who will be the last person to tell me goodbye?
After death is there a great afterlife?
Great enough to give purpose to everyone’s hard work and strife.
So these are the questions that I have to ask
But I assure you that answering then will be a difficult task.
It might take day, a week or a year.
But no matter how hard it is I will not fear.
For I say to myself I will not be defeated.
And I will not give up until this challenge it completed.

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