The ‘old’ Mermaid

June 28, 2012
By Han0803 BRONZE, Manchester, Other
Han0803 BRONZE, Manchester, Other
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The sea was crashing against the rocks,
Ships were struggling against the thick fog,
The eerie silence was enough to scare,
The sand was still, deadly and bare.

A bright light was reflecting off the sea,
There was no idea of what this could be,
When the light grew and got even bigger,
It hovered up high and turned into a figure.

The thing screeched and howled out loud,
And then hovered, standing tall and proud,
It’s face became clearer, it looked like a mermaid,
Beautiful features, until she soon began to fade.

Then the sun shone, and she was completely gone,
Not to be seen on the horizon, where did she go,
why did she fade?…and that’s the tale of the old mermaid

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem myself.

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