I am no Knight You see

June 5, 2012
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Its been weeks since we’ve spoken,
And there’s a reason for that.
There’ a lion in your bedroom,
Not a small little cat.
Blocking me in every step I take,
Making what I have… fake.
Synthetic, plastic, a folly, surely you see,
Not a feeling, an emotion, I want it to be.
Sporadic, free form, a living idea,
Something that changes, morphs, beautifully free, ah!
What does it matter? I’ll say it out loud,
What does it matter? I’ll scream to the clouds.
I can’t sleep, I can’t cry, I can’t ride, nor can I joust,
I am no knight how can I fight a lion.
But a change, a change, a change there will be,
I will learn to fight, trap lions, set them free.
I can’t see what’s near, but I know what’s far,
And I’ll seek you out wherever you are.
We’ll create a world, shape it our way,
anything but this. I shall not stay.
No matter how much I want, I am no knight,
No matter how much I beg, I cannot fight
We have to leave, I can see that clear
I’ve said it before, I will not stay here
Now only one thing more

Wherever, whenever, however, shall we go?

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