July 16, 2008
Meeting you cut me deep down. Not the kind of pain you die from, but the kind that gets you to scream inside. The kind that makes blood pump through your veins so hard I can see it.
Not a bad pain.
But the pain that I want you and not knowing if i have you or not.

The first time I saw your eyes,
I dyed.

The first time you said I love you,
I cried.

The first time I felt this way,
Is with you.

You said your falling hard for me and baby...
I've already fallen.

Your not like a science experiment.. Something I can control...
But if you were we'd both blast into outer space and make love.

Your an experience.
An experience thats always been there but I never paid close enough attention to.
But now that I have...
I think I love you.

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