The Final Goodbye

June 9, 2012
By KayeLive BRONZE, Benton, Arkansas
KayeLive BRONZE, Benton, Arkansas
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My heart sits here pounding.
Waiting for a reply.
To what might be our final goodbye.
Hoping, praying
Wishing maybe
You'll change you're mind
To stay with me
I know you're there
Though you don't respond.
You just can't break that eternal bond
You don't answer me. . .
You try to hide
But please don't fight those feelings inside.
I want you so much
Though I'd never admit
I try to be strong
I try to move on
But you're words are like a song
Replying over and over in my head
You don't say the words
But I know the truth
This is the Final Goodbye...
Goodbye, My Love.`

The author's comments:
As I'm sure most of you have or will go through a breakup. It can be hard. You can wonder why it's happening. It's going to hurt. But you can get through it. I wrote this poem to help me move on. It's the final goodbye to my first love.

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