June 6, 2012
By Konalia GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Konalia GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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Some say that a cure is close and some say far.
Some say that it maybe found in my life time,
Some say that it may never be found.
With the chance being 50/50
Me and many others will wait.
Millions of people will
Hope and Pray that it will only be a little bit longer...

We will not be stopped,
We will not give up,
We will live each day just like the before,
Just like you,
For everyone has their own problems.
And ours is just another thing in our life.
We will live each day,
And be proud to have made it through just one more day.
For that day could have been our last.
We will live each day
Just to prove that we will not be defeated by our problems.

When you weep in hard times,
We will have each other.
When you give up,
We will be there to show you it is not the end,
not yet,
Not now.
When you are lost and don't know what to do,
We will be there to show you the way out.
When you are stuck with a decision,
We will be there to help you.
You see in this life we must stick together,
With new worries and new problems,
We will be there as one to catch you and show you that we are the same as everyone else,
But a little different,
In our own special way.

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