Elements of Nature

May 25, 2012
By kgreen BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
kgreen BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Element 1. Air:
Air Resuscitates me, it confines my body
Rejuvenating my pure body and soul, overwhelming my complexity
Slithering throughout my skin, having no measures or boundaries
Choosing to live its life in a secret
How does such a powerful element go out of sight
Powerful and mighty it gives the strength to keep on moving

Element 2. Water:
Water flows without no hesitation
Coming from the heavens above, it truly is magnificent
Having no limitation, it moves so effortlessly
Replenishing our insides, it feels so right
Why does such beauty go without color
But, heck I wouldn't be here if it didn't exist

Element 3. Fire:
Fire warms our nerves and anxiety
Comforting all those in sickness and in help
Shining a light through the darkness, we all can see
Even the blind as a matter of fact
We all can hear its blaze burst out, but we shall not touch
For it has one flaw
Why does one element cause danger, although it satisfies us
For I have found my warmth

Element 4. Earth:
Earth I stand on
It places a solid confinement for my shelter
Showing its compassion to life around
Displaying a breathtaking landscape
And an array empyrean artistry
But, where does Earth come from and why does it continue to defy us
For it acquaints us with a realm of possibility

I have open
my heart
my soul
my mind
and my body into this eminent dimension
That exhibits these heavenly elements
For we have questioned God's Creation
As he has brought these element into existence
But who are we to debate
Considering we are all God's Creation
Illustrated by our nature

The author's comments:
We are all God's creation, unique in every way and our attributes illustrates the world around us with pure beauty.

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