May 15, 2008
By Grace Noto, Sound Beach, NY

Shuddering dawn, golden rays piercing swiftly,

Through the dark armored black

While the shadows shrink inward.

Gentle yellow fingers touch the sky,

Illuminating soft gold,

As the night flees, fire burning within.

Caged, dark paces,gleaming teeth exposed,
Struggling against it’s chains,

As the dawn reclaims his domain, banishing black.

The shadows hide amongst thick roots

Of gnarled trees, curling inward upon themselves,

Against She that gives all gold.

The sun breathes, filling the sky golden,
While those who fear the dark

Take their turn in wildness.

Time passes slowly, the shadows growing smaller,

Light , prepares for He that is soon to come,

To claim.

He rears towards the sky

She awaits, ready, for His attack

He claims once again, sending Her to Her chains,

The shadows return.

He returns, claiming the sky,

For though She burns strongly for a time,

The wheel turns, and returns, and He simmers just as strong.

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