For My People

May 31, 2012
By RaeJacobs BRONZE, Orcutt, California
RaeJacobs BRONZE, Orcutt, California
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For my people living in the streets
Rummaging and raving for remnants of little food to eat
Shivering and snoozing on the ground during bitter nights
Wishing of better days to come, and hoping today will be a better day;

For my people trying to support a family
Working day in and day out to earn a better life
Doing whatever you can to feed your children
And wondering if you’ll be able to pay the government;

For my people living in fear
Cowering in a corner to escape the abuse
Covering up the bruises and marks left behind
Convincing yourself that you deserve this torture;

For my people growing up poor
Thinking that your life can’t get better
Believing that drugs and alcohol, and skipping school is the path to choose
Signing up for a life in a gang or prostitution, a life filled with violence;

For my people who were abandoned
Hopping from house to house trying to find a family
Wondering who your family was and why they didn’t want you
And telling yourself that you would never do that to your child;

For my people who lost a loved one
Thinking that you can’t get passed it
Believing that you could have done something that could’ve prevented it
Drowning in tears of sorrow and remorse, believing that it’s your entire fault;

For my people scared for their lives
Wondering and waiting when that day comes when a bomb blows you to smithereens
Convincing yourself that it’s just one more day and then they’ll be gone
Trying to drown out the sounds of gunshots and explosions that are on a record track that repeats and repeats itself;

For my people who feel alone or are alone
Relieving your pain and loneliness by cutting over and over again on your perfect skin
Taking pills to suppress the defeat and hurt swirling within you
And crying yourself to sleep, wishing someone cared;

For my people who want attention
Changing your looks and personality just to be cool
Smoking and drinking to be in the popular crowd
Hiding behind a façade to be accepted;

For my people surrounded by bullies
Getting pushed and punched and kicked and abused, verbally and emotionally
Getting told that you’re worthless and you can’t accomplish anything
Wondering if it’ll be easier to disappear then to continue with this life;

For my people judged by their sexuality
Getting punched by words and fists alike
Just looking for support and love
And debating whether life is worth living;

For my people without an identity
You watched as the waves or the fire engulfed your home
Watched as mother earth took your wallet full of information
And you were left to pick up the pieces that didn’t fit together;

For my people who’ve seen the worse
Saw the people trapped underneath debris, and heard them crying for help
Saw children cling to their parents as death approached
And heard the gunshot, and watched as scarlet red blood littered the floor;

For my people who witnessed history
Who watched those get persecuted for their culture, religion, or ethnicity
Who saw those attack the weak, which couldn’t defend themselves
And who witnessed people being burned and lynched for their skin color;

For my people everywhere
Whether you’re young or old, rich or poor
Whether you’re skin is dark or light, or in-between
Live in peace and harmony, and don’t be possessed by hate
Let life continue its path, and allow death to come and birth to follow
Let the world rejoice and not be disgusted by its actions
For my people and my world.

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