Is time to say bye

May 24, 2012
It’s not you it’s me, I promise you.
You did nothing wrong.
We ended up growing apart,
It’s not your fault or mine.
You got to understand that my feelings aren’t the same
As they were in the starting.
I want you to move on.

Please don’t cry, I don’t want to see you hurt,
Look at me please!
I want you to listen for what I have to say.
Please don’t leave yet!
Look at me, look in my eyes,
Can’t you see this is hurting me too?

You have to understand, this is the best for each other.
All we do is fight and hurt each other.
Stop, stop, please stop
Don’t make this more difficult
Please, I don’t like seeing you like this.
Please don’t ignore me
I promise you I’m always going to be here
As a dear friend.

Please understand,
Is time to move on.
Please stop.
I don’t want to remember you like this,
Because this is going to be our last goodbye
So let’s hug and say goodbye.

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