The Dream for a Kingdom

May 23, 2012
By whisperedImages BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
whisperedImages BRONZE, Mount Prospect, Illinois
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Tough like a century-old red brick
Starting to break down from all the hits
Taken from insults and offenses
Life starting to seem to have no value like a totaled Benz
I don’t understand why people have such hatred against pale or colored
If we’re all going to end up six feet under
Why don’t we all get along and make the best of life
Have no problems with one another and live a happy life
Let’s get rid of all the fisted scowls
Have nothing but laughs and smiles
Make the redemption songs come true
Have it not matter if one’s eyes are brown or blue
Let’s be able to live with one another and make this world a peaceful kingdom
Why don’t we decide to live like royalties
And live the King’s Dream

The author's comments:
My inspiration came from all three poems, Lament for Brothers, Redemption Song, and Bluest Eye. In Lament for Brothers I thought about how the hatred whites have towards African-Americans cause African-Americans to die frequently. I also remembered the scowls mentioned in the poem that were in the heavy air. From Redemption Song, the message I got was that there won’t be any changes until action is taken. In Bluest Eye what stuck in my head was the image of the white doll with blue eyes and how the author wasn’t able to love it. When I wrote this it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I saw online an article of a statue of him that was built in Washington DC where he gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.

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