Two Poems

May 6, 2008
By Selyna Ball, Buckeye, AZ

1st Poem:
The sunrise resembles you my dear.
You awake bright and shining to bystanders.
They awe at your perfection.
You are a new beginning unfolding.

The sunrise resembles you my dear.
Happiness lights across your face
As bone becomes ever present
And fat is eaten away by your choices.

The sunrise resembles you my dear.
Self control is your burning passion
Pushing further beyond the spectrum.
You are the new extreme.

Beautiful skin and bone.
Grace like a feather.
Poise like an angel.
But with a sunrise, comes a sunset.

The candle is slowly burning out
You have wasted away
Dying beautiful,
You resemble to sunset my dear.

2nd Poem:


A bubble rising upward,
Your laughter sways
Sensitive and uncertain.
Uniquely yours.
It magically floats off
Like it was just a dream.

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