Why Am I Bullied?

April 30, 2012
By Anonymous

Why am I bullied?
I'm like a lions pry.
I'm attacked by words day after day.
The hyenas laugh
As I’m lying dead
Acing and crying no madder what they say.

He is the lion I am the lam,
If only I could stand by your side without an attack,
The teeth, the words, the lies.
If I was normal like everyone says,
I'd be in the group
No more attacks,
No more suffering,
But that is only a fantasy,
In the real word,

I am the one who lies dead at the end of the day.
The teachers say that the lion is the angle,
And I am the devil.
The one who cases the hurt,
The one who is the problem,
The one who lies.
The real problem is when the lion lies,
Day after
After day.
The reason I am the bottom of the food chain.
The one attacked by
The teachers never believe me,
The bottom of the food chain.

My fellow lams say I am number one!
I need to be it the group
I’m funny,
Have well commonsense.
But I now that there harts don't care.
What I need is a friend
That will say
“Do you know what you just said; this girl knows what she’s talking about so leave her alone and GO”
But that is just in my head,
In the real world my friends are the hyenas laughing
At the words that there leader mocks me with
The lion the devil
If only
I could have one person that will just say “STOP!”
But this is the real world.
Why am I bullied?
I’m like a lions pray.

The author's comments:
I'm tired of all the bullying in are school so I just wrote what I felt about it. I have experienced what it is like to be bullied, So along with the may others out there I know how depressing it is.

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