At The Peak

July 26, 2008
By Matt Macrander, Papillion, NE

I finally did it, I climbed to the top.
Without a single stumble or a sudden stop.

A wondrous place, that is for sure.
Where everything's clean but nothing is pure.

I lose my balance and backwards I fall.
Down the mountain that is ever-so tall.

And, as I fall, I hope to forget.
That you weren't there, holding the net.

You sidestepped out as I dropped to the base.
A look of pity on your once proud face.

And as I reach for your hand in a final plea.
You take a step back away from me.

My final thought as I fall through the air.
Is how little everyone cares.

A shame, they'll say, on the evening news.
But I don't hear anyone sing the blues.

I close my eyes and embrace the end.
For what does it matter without a friend?

The author's comments:
This is based on the slippery slope of popularity. Once you start falling down it, nobody will try to catch you. Eventually, you don't really care anymore, and you let yourself drop to rock bottom.

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