At The Peak

July 26, 2008
I finally did it, I climbed to the top.
Without a single stumble or a sudden stop.

A wondrous place, that is for sure.
Where everything's clean but nothing is pure.

I lose my balance and backwards I fall.
Down the mountain that is ever-so tall.

And, as I fall, I hope to forget.
That you weren't there, holding the net.

You sidestepped out as I dropped to the base.
A look of pity on your once proud face.

And as I reach for your hand in a final plea.
You take a step back away from me.

My final thought as I fall through the air.
Is how little everyone cares.

A shame, they'll say, on the evening news.
But I don't hear anyone sing the blues.

I close my eyes and embrace the end.
For what does it matter without a friend?

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