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April 27, 2012
By , Oak Park, MI
Throughout my middle school lifetime at Murphy middle school, I use to get browbeaten a lot because the kids said I was too spongy. The school was located on Fenkell, a very dangerous area to go to school at. I wouldn’t advise anybody to go there. I started there six grade an end up graduating from there, which didn't’t think I could, but during my time there I was bullied all the time. When I first started, everything was cool and fine, no problems everybody was nice to me. A few months goes bye still things are fine no problems. My problems started when a new boy named Alvin came to the school. Trying to be nice, I ventured to him trying to introduce myself because I was a nice kid. Ever since then everything for me went bad, he started to talk about me to the other kids. didn't’t know he knew the other kids, apparently he went there before. He had all the kids to talk about me and not be my friends, at first was hurt I wouldn’t lie but then I got over it.
Most of the buffoons are lots and lots of black jokes. They also talked about my mom’s car because she had a tore up car and my mom used to drop me and my sister off in front of the school, I was embarrassed because I knew the buffoons coexisted imminent, it wasn’t no question in my mind. Summer was almost here, I was excited because didn't’t have to see them and hopefully some of them who talked about went to another school, I was expextant but it didn’t happen. didn't’t come to school the last week of school and I was happy. My summer was neverbetterr, had fun, didn't’t hear anybody talking about me, my mom’s car, or how I was weak. Seventh grade the same exact thing, jokes and more jokes all year round and then summer arrived. Once again I had a good summer but I decided no more of letting people joke about me and I do nothing. I couldn’t wait to get back to school it was on, no more Mr. nice guy. My last year of middle school started and I departed silly with the buffoons, people didn’t know that was me saying all that because usually I was quiet, didn’t say anything to know body.
I talked about Alvin and his friends so bad that they all wanted to jump me; I was cool with it because I knew I had got to them and the other reason why I wasn’t frightened because I knew I had backup if they was to try something. A month went by and the bulling begin to get serious because they knew my jokes could hurt their feelings, so they start threaten me, I could handle it
because it was just words, they actually didn’t hit me yet, so the next week I had to start walking home because my mom had to go to work early and my sister went to the daycare after school, so the center pick her up. That following Monday I walked home and I seen Alvin and them at the liquor store, knowing them they was probably getting liquor, they looked grown enough.

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