Some Think This, Some Think That

July 26, 2008
By Nicole Martin, Walworth, NY

..some people see it's raining..

some say it makes them sad.. others just say how "wonderful" and dance in the rain.

some people wake up to the sun shining on their face..some people see it and say, brand new day brand new start..others say.. "i wish the sun would stop smiling at me.. mocking me of how wonderful i am screwing up my life"

..but when the night falls....some look up at the stars and thank the heavens for friends...
but others... they stop..stare..and ask.. why? GOD..what is the reason for my being here..??

..after it rains..there is a rainbow they all say..some see it ..some dont..
who are you?...the real question is what r u going to make their life to be...are you going to let stupid things get to you?like drama? or are you going to go above and beyond to make yourself something..instead of nothing.

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