July 25, 2008
The way his eyes sparkle
Whenever he sees my face
He tells everyone we're only friends
But his eyes and heart say more
He knows how I feel about him
How much I long to be his
What he doesn't know
Is that I know he longs to be mine
People are always saying
We were meant to be together
He deny's it
But I cherish it
I cherish every moment I have with him
Every second I'm around him
Every touch of his hand
Or sound of his deep, sexy voice
I never want to forget him
I doubt that I ever will
Someday I hope we'll be together
Someday I know we'll be more
But while our friendship is still growing
All we'll be is friends
And very best friends at that.

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scrapperjack said...
Aug. 13, 2008 at 2:48 am
I enjoyed this poem very much. I hope the author can have what she wants from the boy she writes about. But what ever their relationship turns out to be please remember that the friendship is the strongest bond!
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