The End of a Dictator

May 12, 2012
Who would've thought, that the world's greatest tyrant,
Would be hiding in a sewer, still being defiant?

Forty-two years of rule, for him wasn't enough.
They told him to step down, or else, but still, he remained tough.

Out to the streets, they went protesting, demanding he step down,
He sent onto them, mercenaries, with orders to clear each town.

While martyr after martyr fell, their defiance grew in size,
Till finally, with no options left, they took up arms to fight.

They became revolutionaries, with a new flag and a dream,
That some time in the future, their country would be free.

City after city fell, till there were just two left.
And in the last one, they found, the great tyrant himself.

His strong words, the power he had, were now, to no avail.
He should've known, from the beginning, that only the truth would prevail.

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